Friday, April 5, 2013

Say It Aint So! Burnell Taylor Voted Out the Competition

A female will win this year's American Idol.  Many people have said so and now it's looking more and more true as another male is voted of the show.

Burnell Taylor, the 19-year-old Louisiana native who lost 40 pounds between his audition was voted off on Thursday night (4 April) from American Idol, becoming the 4th male voted out in four weeks.  With Burnell exiting the competition, he leaves Lazaro Arbos as the only male contestant on the show.  Burnell was in the bottom two along with country singer Janelle Arthur.

Randy Jackson delivered the bad news, telling Ryan Seacrest, "Unfortunately, Ryan, we're not going to use the save.  Sorry, Burnell.  Good luck, good luck.  We love you."

Burnell was one of mentor Jimmy Iovine' 2 picks to be in the bottom, along with Lazaro.  But, Iovine had Lazaro, not Burnell, picked to go home. However the resilient Arbos was a surprise member of the week's top three vote-getters, along with Angie Miller and Kree Harrison.

What did you think of Thursday's "Idol" results show? Did America get it right?  

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Burnell Taylor Performs “You Give Love A Bad Name” On American Idol

Last night was classic rock night on American Idol and New Orleans native Burnell Taylor managed that challenge with varied results.  No ballads at all!  The 7 contestants were informed no love songs, no ballads or soft songs.

Kicking off the night, Burnell channels Bon Jovi for his version of "You Give Love A Bad Name."  His rendition on "You Give Love a Bad Name" wasn't as successful as his cool duet with Candice Glover on "The Letter."

Here is what the judges had to say about Burnell’s performance:

Keith – Rock N Roll isn’t his thing. He looked uncomfortable in the song.
Nicki – He was still lovable to her.
Randy – Ride the beat harder. It’s a good learning thing for him.
Mariah – She’s proud of him. He just learned the song and had fun with it.
Peep Burnell's performance below.  Was it enough for her to stick around another night?

One of the big revelations that came from the show was that Burnell Taylor has feelings for Amber Holcomb. Are the two competitors dating? Just friends?

Will America keep Burnell on to sing for another week? 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Burnell Taylor Sings Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ On American Idol

New Orleans singer Burnell Taylor executed a smooth rendition of Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’ on American Idol last night (27 March), turning in the most memorable performances as the eight finalists took on Motown songs. Special guest mentor Smokey Robinson suggested that Burnell try a soft and intimate approach to the song, and singer took the advice to heart while putting his own unique spin on the song. The legendary Robinson commended the raspy, fascinating quality to Taylor’s voice during rehearsal.

Escorted by a jazz flute, he sang a moving, soulful version of the Stevie Wonder R&B ballad that seriously impressed the judges. American ‘Idol’ judge Keith Urban was so blown away by the performance that he gave a standing ovation. Nicki Minaj loved it as well, saying, “You reminded us why we fell in love with that voice tonight, Burnell. Very, very, very good!” She then added, “I definitely could hear you back in that time – the Motown days. Your voice is so rich and soulful … It’s very artsy to watch and to hear you sing.” “I love your choices,” complimented Randy Jackson. He went on to praise him for incorporating little vocal twists and inflections that were just as powerful as big runs. Mariah Carey also enjoyed the modern flavor that he added to the song.

Check out Burnell’s performance below:

Burnell Taylor - My Cherie Amour - American... by IdolxMuzic

Taylor is the top remaining male in the competition, and has a strong shot at winning, even though most believe a girl will win this year. The overall strength of the Taylor’s side of the field was demonstrated during a dreadful male group performance of the Four Top’s “I Can’t Help Myself- Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch,” while another singer not learning the words shouldn’t count against Taylor in votes, though you never know?

Burnell, Devin & Lazaro - Can't Help Myself... by IdolxMuzic

What did you think of Taylor’s performance on ‘American Idol’ tonight? Write comments below!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Burnell Taylor Performs "Let It Be" on American Idol

New Orleans native Burnell Taylor is blossoming into a big star.  He proved his worthiness last night (March 20) by taking on the Beatles classic "Let It Be."  Burnell confessed he wasn't familar with the Beatles music and based on the top nine performances, the same could be said for most of the finalists.

Burnell's rendition of "Let It Be" clearly put him in the top tier of performers based on the celebrity judges.

Judges comments: Keith: He comes from such a soulful place. Nicki: He didn’t sing the song, he caressed it. He was delicate with it. She felt like she was in church. Randy: He didn’t know it and look at what he did to it. He made it his own. Mariah: He gave a genuine, heartfelt performance and he is always consistent.

Peep the video below and let us know what you thought of his performance?

Did you like Burnell's performance?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Burnell Taylor Performs "Flying Without Wings" on American Ido

Burnell Taylor channeled former Idol winner Reuben Studdard when he performs "Flying Without Wings."

Peep the performance below.

Did you like Burnell’s performance?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Burnell Taylor Makes The American Idol Top 10

American Idol made it cuts down to 10 during the March 7 result show.  Five guys were sent home following the first nationwide vote of the season, five others including New Orlean's native Burnell Taylor made it to the final 10.  The judges' darling jumped for joy before collecting his emotions for his performance of "Ready for Love" by India Aria.

Burnell's name quickly became a trending topic on Twitter following the revealing of his Name.

TV personality Michael Buckley was among the enthused tweeters, and wrote "WAY TO GO @BurnellAI12 - my fave guy last night! #MissCelie#idol." 
Aspiring country/pop singer, Paul Jolley who told the judges that he'd like to be the male Taylor Swift, also advanced. Rounding out the top five guys were potential international sensation Devin Velez, St. Louis gospel singer Curtis Finch Jr., and Lazaro Arbos, whose stutter vanishes when he sings.

The top 10 also features five ladies, including Janelle Arthur, Angie Miller, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, and Amber Holcomb.

Check out Burnell's performing "Ready for Love" by India Aria below.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Burnell Taylor Performs "I'm Here" on American Idol

Burnell Taylor gave a stunning performance during last night (Wed, 6 March) of American Idol all-boy sing-off.  With his "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" look — acid washed jean jacket, salmon-colored shirt, backwards floral baseball cap and big round glasses; Burnell revisited "I'm Here" from "The Color Purple," the song he used to win the judges' over back in Baton Rouge a few months ago.

The song selection unfulfilled some recappers, but the performance seemed to thrill more.
The judges liked it.  Peep the performance below.

So how did Burnell Taylor do in the Season 12 semi-finals round? Will he make it to the Top 10?