Friday, April 5, 2013

Say It Aint So! Burnell Taylor Voted Out the Competition

A female will win this year's American Idol.  Many people have said so and now it's looking more and more true as another male is voted of the show.

Burnell Taylor, the 19-year-old Louisiana native who lost 40 pounds between his audition was voted off on Thursday night (4 April) from American Idol, becoming the 4th male voted out in four weeks.  With Burnell exiting the competition, he leaves Lazaro Arbos as the only male contestant on the show.  Burnell was in the bottom two along with country singer Janelle Arthur.

Randy Jackson delivered the bad news, telling Ryan Seacrest, "Unfortunately, Ryan, we're not going to use the save.  Sorry, Burnell.  Good luck, good luck.  We love you."

Burnell was one of mentor Jimmy Iovine' 2 picks to be in the bottom, along with Lazaro.  But, Iovine had Lazaro, not Burnell, picked to go home. However the resilient Arbos was a surprise member of the week's top three vote-getters, along with Angie Miller and Kree Harrison.

What did you think of Thursday's "Idol" results show? Did America get it right?  

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  1. No America didn't get it right Burnell Taylor was better than that other guy.

  2. I'm so disappointed. America had it all wrong, he was worth saving. Burnell has a unique voice and a unique way of performing and that was something special and I don't know how or why, but it seems like America took that for granted. As sweet as Lazaro is, he can't compete with these people at this level. Now it seems like America might be voting over pity and not talent. Although with the kind of talent that Brunell has and the exposure American Idol has given him I don't doubt that he will easily succeed in the music industry.

  3. Burnell I just watched the show and found out you were eliminated. Stay positive and keep your head up. I was Balling and couldn't stop crying. THE ONE SAVE SHOULD HAVE WENT TO YOU!! Lazaro SHOULD NOT be there whats wrong with America's ears. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Theres only a few artist that I would spend my money on to support and buy an album. WHEN YOU DROP an ALBUM I will buy one. PLEASE DONT give up..YOU are truly an INSPIRATION and also Beautiful inside and out!!!!!!!!!

    First, Burnell, you were the best that AI had since Fantasia. I have watched AI from the beginning, and this definitely is the END for me. There has only been two singers on AI that gave me GOOSE BUMPS; Burnell & Fantasia. Burnell's voice is so unique. He had me at the very beginning, but stole my heart at This Time. OMG. What a voice! I have the AI videos and the songs of him on my Iphone and Ipad. Stay strong Burnell, because you are going places. Such a beautiful voice with a beautiful spirit. All around good guy. I am so proud of you. I sent text messages to everyone I knew in New Orleans & Missisippi, all the way to California. I am one of his biggest fans. Can't wait for a record release, I will definitely be in line. Shame on the judges; Mariah, Nikki, Randy especially, and Keith. One thing for sure, I am through watching American Idol after Burnell's elimination. No more running home to see it. What a circus. Love you Burnell. You stole my HEART!!!

  5. This is such a shame. I looked forward to you singing every week. Hell, you brought my cynical husband to tears more than once. I think that your work was possibly to sophisticated for the Idol audience, just maybe, but overall you're one of the very best I have ever seen on this show and I am certain that you will go on to do very great things. I will be looking out for your record!

  6. You know, I am very dissapointed about the show. Burnell's talent is so unique, he is AI finalist material.

    I am praying for Lazaro to win it all, so this voting method get really expose. I AM DONE WHATCHING AI.

  7. I think without a doubt that Burnell should have most definetely won the entire competition. I was so angry the judges did not use their save on him, I completely stopped watching the show. As we have seen in many cases, sometimes it is better not to win and you have a bigger and better career in the long run. Looking forward to your first hit album!!!!!